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Dr. Sten Ekberg

Ultimate Blood Work Course by Dr. Sten Ekberg

Ultimate Blood Work Course by Dr. Sten Ekberg

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Dr. Sten Ekberg's Ultimate Blood Work Course aims to help you take control of your health, optimize their well-being, and prevent diseases through an 9-module bloodwork course. The course covers various aspects of blood work analysis, allowing you to understand the true meaning behind your blood test results and make necessary lifestyle changes for optimal health.

Dr. Sten Ekberg is a holistic clinician, a YouTube Educator with over 3 million subscriber channel, Olympic decathlete, and an experienced practitioner who has assisted thousands of people in restoring their health, losing weight, and reversing diabetes. He holds a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree, is certified in Functional Blood Chemistry and Clinical Nutrition, and is a Board Eligible Chiropractic Neurologist. Additionally, he has a Master Certification in Nutrition Response Testing® and has received several awards for his contributions to the field of healthcare.

The course emphasizes the importance of understanding blood work to identify potential health issues before they become major problems. It highlights the limitations of standard blood work performed by traditional doctors, which often only focuses on disease detection rather than disease prevention. By learning which tests to perform and why they are necessary, you can gain a better understanding of their overall health, make proactive changes, and have a long-term alternative to medication.

The course includes nine modules with extensive video training by Dr. Ekberg. The sessions are recorded videos that you can view at your convenience. The modules cover a range of topics, including anemia and iron overload, white blood cells and infection, thyroid health, liver and gallbladder function, kidney and adrenal health, metabolic health, and additional markers related to blood work analysis.

In addition to the course content, you will receive two bonuses. The first bonus is a downloadable Optimal Range Resource Guide, providing reference ranges and units for tracking blood work results. The second bonus offers access to a significant discount for blood work panels, potentially saving hundreds of dollars when ordering the tests.

The course is a digital product, and there are no hidden costs or additional materials sent by mail. Immediate access to the course is provided, typically within 24 hours of purchase. It is important to note that the course is non-refundable due to its digital nature.

The Blood Work Course aims to empower you to understand your blood work holistically, make informed decisions about your health, and take proactive steps toward preventing disease and achieving optimal well-being.

Module One

Understand why you need to have your blood drawn routinely

  • ​Understanding is power over health​​
  • Respect for body & trust in body
  • ​​How can you know where you're going if you don't know where you are? 
  • Why standard blood work panels and ranges won't help you prevent disease. 

Module Two

Anemia & Iron Overload

  • ​All the markers relating to Anemia & Hemochromatosis
  • ​Understand the interplay between markers​
  • ​Know when the problem is Iron and when it's not

Module Three

White Blood Cells  & Infection 

  • ​The real ranges of White Blood Cells
  • Understanding what the ratios are supposed to be
  • Relative vs. absolute

Module Four


  • ​Understand TSH, T4, T3, TPOAb & TgAb
  • Know how to spot hypo, hyper and euthyroid
  • ​Understand why Hashimoto's is not primarily a thyroid problem

Module Five

Liver & Gallbladder

  • ​Liver and gall bladder review
  • Understand the enzymes for liver and gall bladder

Module Six

Kidney and Adrenals

  • ​Understand role of kidney and adrenals
  • Minerals
  • Fluid dynamics
  • ​Hormones

Module Seven

Metabolic Health 1

  • ​Metabolic Syndrome
  • Glucose Regulation
  • Lipids
  • ​Insulin & C-peptide

Module Eight

Metabolic Health 2

  • ​The Real Risk Factors
  • Lipid Profile
  • Cholesterol, LDL, HDL, VLDL
  • NMR vs apoB
  • ​LDL-P

Module Nine

Bonus Q&A + Clinical Cases

  • ​Answers common questions about blood work and health issues
  • Review of several real life clinical cases

Bonus #1

Downloadable Optimal Range Resource Guide ($99 value)

  • ​Standard Reference Ranges
  • Optimal Lab Ranges
  • Units both Imperial and International
  • Booklet to track your results

Bonus #2

Access to our huge Discount for blood work panel (over $500 in savings)

  • Ordering individual markers can get very expensive. By ordering whole panels and taking advantage of our volume discounts you can save hundreds of dollars.


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