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Please note that it can take up to 7 business days to process your blood requisition as this is a manual process. We usually do it faster. Please feel free to contact our office.

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Dr. Sten Ekberg

Blood Work - Comprehensive Wellness Lab Work in USA

Blood Work - Comprehensive Wellness Lab Work in USA


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Dr. Ekberg and Labcorp

Dr. Ekberg has discounted cash rates at your local Labcorp. 

  • Everything is the same except the price
  • Avoid getting a fee from your insurance for unexpected lab tests
  • Order online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please allow 7 business days for your receipt. This is a manual process.
  • We supply a doctor's note of approval
  • There is no need to pay an office fee or see a doctor
  • Nearby laboratories 30 minute in-and-out local testing at 2000 Labcorp offices across the country
  • Results are both confidential and secure
  • Labcorp results and a bonus optimal range
  • FSA and HSA cards are accepted.

This lab has the markers that are recommended by Dr. Sten Ekberg and explained in the Ultimate Lab Work Course. An optional virtual consult is available for a fee to review your results with a doctor at Wellness For Life.

Fast for 12 hours (no food or drink, except water).

What's Included?

​• Homa-IR
• ​Total Chol/HDL Ratio​
​• ​Triglyc./Tot.Chol Ratio
​• ​Triglyc./HDL Ratio

​• ​Glucose, Serum​
​• ​HgA1C​
​• ​Estimated Ave Gluc​
​• ​Insulin​
​• ​Triglycerides
​• ​​LDH​
​• ​Cholesterol Total​
​• ​HDL Cholesterol​
​• ​LDL Cholesterol​
​• VLDL Cholesterol
​• ​​Uric Acid

​• Sodium​
​• ​Potassium​
​• ​Chloride​
​• ​Carbon Dioxide​
​​• Magnesium​
​• ​Calcium​
​• ​​Phosphorus​
​• ​BUN​
​• ​Creatinine​
​• ​eGFR
​• ​Bun/Creat. Rat.​
​• ​Total Protein​
​• ​Albumin​
​• ​Globulin​
​• ​A/G Ratio​
​• ​Bilirubin​
​​• Alkaline Phosphatase

​• ​LDL-P Particle count
​• ​​HDL-P Particle count
​• ​​Small LDL-P
​• ​LDL Size
​• ​Small LDL-P/LDL-P Ratio

​• ​​RBC
​• ​​Hemoglobin​​
​​• Hematocrit​​
​​• MCV
​​​​• MCH​
​​• MCHC
​​​• RDW
​• ​​Iron, Serum
​• ​​Iron Bind Cap (TIBC)​
​​• UIBC​
​• ​Iron Saturation
​• ​Ferritin

​​​• TSH​
​• ​T4 (Thyroxine)
​• ​​​​T3​ (Triiodothyronine)
​• ​TPOAb
​• ​TgAb

​• ​WBC​
​​• Platelets​
​​• Neutrophils %
​​​• Lymphocytes %​
​• ​Monocytes %​
​​• Eosinophils %
​• ​​Basophils %​
​​• Neutrophils (Abs)​
​• ​Lymphocytes (Abs)​
​• ​Monocytes (Abs)
​• ​​Eosinophils (Abs)​
​• ​Basophils (Abs)​
​• ​Immature Grans. %
​​​• Immature Grans. (Abs)

​• ​ALT (SPGT)
​​​• AST (SGOT)
​• ​​GGT

​​• Vitamin D​
​​• C-Reactive Protein (CRP)
​​​• Homocysteine
​​• PSA (Prostate-men only)



Q: What happens after I pay for my lab test panel?
A: On the email receipt you will get a link to our secure and complainant client portal. Sign In to make a new account follow the directions to log in. Fill in all your information including your Date of Birth and Gender. The office will then place your order. In 2-3 days a lab requisition will be available to you. Take the requisition to Labcorp with your ID. 5-7 days after your draw your results will be in the client portal.

Q: What do I do if I live in NY, NJ or RI?
A: You can go to another state to have the lab test.

Q: What if I am out of the United States?
A: If you are visiting the US you can have your lab test in one of the states you are visiting, except NY, NJ or RI

About Dr. Sten Ekberg

Dr. Sten Ekberg along with Labcorp, we make it easy for you to access testing to keep you and your family healthy.

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  • Common Concerns

    Half of all U.S. adults have one or more chronic health condition such as heart disease, diabetes, or obesity. 1

  • Lifestyle Matters

    Getting to know your numbers and overall quality of your health can help you make more informed decisions to live a healthier lifestyle. 2

  • Silent Symptoms

    There are no symptoms for people with prediabetes, and diabetes may be severe before there are any warning signs. Likewise, people have no way of knowing they have high cholesterol without being tested. 2


1."About Chronic Diseases | CDC." Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Last reviewed November 19, 2018

2. "Know Your Health Numbers." American Heart Association,  Last reviewed August 2015.  

  • 1. Get Your Test

    Pay online. Our office will review, approve your test request and contact you: no doctor's visit is required. Please provide a phone number and email at checkout.

  • 2. Provide Your Sample

    You will receive a requisition. Print and take the requisition number we give you, along with a photo ID, to a Labcorp location for sample collection.

  • 3. Access Your Results Online

    View your easy-to-read results online in your Wellness For Life account. If you want help reading your lab results we offer telehealth consults and a course.